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0 slots available meaning

What Does 0 Slots Available Mean?

Attempting to book an online slot in Pretoria has become nearly impossible for readers of Wheels24. The online booking system for the Natis system has zero slots available meaning that the current lockdown for expired cards applies until 2021. But what is the meaning of 0 slots available? Let's find out! We have all been in that position, right? Or at least have been in that situation. Hopefully we can learn from this mistake and avoid making the same one again.

The CoWin portal, for example, opens at 5pm on a Wednesday. In the hope that it will soon be filled with free Covid vaccinations, the web portal crashed within minutes. Although the underlying problem is a faulty system, the idea isn't entirely unrelated to preventing people from getting the vaccine. Thousands of youth attempted to book an appointment, but the website crashed within minutes. This suggests that the government is not limiting the use of bots to ensure that slot availability remains as it is.

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